“Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need,” Jesus said. (Matthew 5:3)



Early in the day you rise and prep

to go out and preach the Word.


Early in the week you gather strength

to let your voice be heard.


Early in the month you evaluate

the good use of your time.


Early in the year you never fail

to let your bright light shine.


No matter the weather, adversity or age

You move beyond your strife.

With shining eyes and a faithful heart

You give Truth first place in life.



We love you and we honor

your example, with grateful hearts,

for your years of faithful service

and the wisdom you impart.

We pray for God to strengthen you

and support this vow you’ve made. 

For we know it was with gratitude

for the ransom price Christ paid.


May you never doubt the joy you bring

inciting love beyond compare.

May Jehovah repay it back to you

and always keep you in his care.

Image by Veronika Nedelcu

She may not want it, but she is a model for the youth

Who once may have tottered on the edge of the truth.


Now the reality of this world has made it blatantly clear…

That above all others, we must keep Jah dear and near.


No one else exists; no one should ever come between

The deep thoughts of her heart and her Almighty King.

for TRACEY Gordon (in memorium)

with love & admiration - her faith was stronger than MS


Her face is brave and her smile is bright

But none can really know if she cries at night.


Now, the truth is revealed about Satan ‘slapping’ us.

But, without hesitation, in Jehovah she trusts.


The body may weaken; let her faith grow strong-

Hold on to the promise that it won’t be long!

She will not be afraid, never once should she doubt

all the desires in her heart that Jehovah will bring about.


True to his Grand Promise, he will make her stand TALL

And never again will plagues of this system make another fall

Without hope for the future, ‘nothing even matters at all’.


Keep hoping, keep praying that relief will soon come

But until it does, keep preaching to everyone!

The road ahead may be difficult; onlookers may not even know

It may often make her cry, if she moves a bit slow

But for the joy set before him, Christ endured a torture stake

She, too, must be courageous with every step she takes.


She struggles not alone.  Throughout all the earth God’s people suffer,

But very close to home, so many do care for her

When she prays to God, Jehovah, we are praying for her, too.

If she dreams of climbing mountains, we know that Jah makes dreams come true.


Let this confidence keep her stable

As she rides through this wicked tide

With unshakable faith, let her sail on to everlasting life!



An unreserved dedication I've made to worship Jehovah, my God, alone

This determination of God-given freedom is a choice I made all my own

Many things in life called ‘lawful’ have advantages that aren't good

So, I've chosen to live the life my Creator believes that I should.

Jehovah doesn't pressure me harshly or beat me as his slave

He only asks that I be insightful and fully appreciate the gift he gave

So, I’ve decided to declare his Kingdom, avoid politics and abstain from blood

And what things he considers unclean I will avoid for my own good.

This choice is not about you, I don’t expect you will fully agree.

But I’ve thoroughly read the holy bible and I know God is talking to me.

You can believe what you want to; live your life however you choose.

But I’m putting my trust in Jehovah.  On his side I simply can’t lose.



Few can find it I am told;

too busy eating up the social scene.

For the world’s influences they don’t screen out

but then they pout and complain when tribulation rains


Hey, this ain’t my town:

Alien resident.  Temporarily displaced me.

Ain’t nothing good here if you see what I see.

I’ve got life everlasting waiting for me.

But to read the map, to find the way

the Word of Jah must be the mainstay;

the focal point, to live and breathe.

It takes more than just to ‘believe’

You’ve got to walk the walk

Have the route down cold

Narrow gate, cramped road.


~ written in early 90s Detroit ~

He used to look cute in his suit; likewise, she dressed to impress.

Now the food on her lips has spread to her hips, and

the burger in his hand caused his waist to expand.

To add to this, all that ‘wedded bliss’ gets tougher and tougher to maintain.


But weren’t you told that she’d grow old?  Didn’t you know that his flaws would show?

Why do you regret, because you weren’t ready yet?

But when you get down to it, you already knew it.  What you thought was love was just vain.

Did you make your decision based on counsel good and wise?

Or from the sway of her skirt and the color of his eyes?

Did all the girls want him, but you caught him first?

Was it for ‘waters of truth’ or for her that you had thirst?

Were you proud to sit beside her, so astounded by her teaching?

Was it for guidance and direction, or his wallet that you were reaching?

Did he first become refined at Bethel, or extend himself when there was need?

Was she focused on the Kingdom, making priority of sowing seed?

Was your first love for Jehovah, oh so sincere and true?

Is it still your heart’s endeavor, as complete as when just ‘you’?


You say ‘there’s still time.  I’m still young.’ But so sorry, hon’

You and carefree days have parted ways.

Putting self-concern first is over. Done.

Now five years and two kids later, why were you in such a rush to date her?

Could not keep emotions in restraint?  Love so eager, thought you would faint?

Her friends go out.  She wants to go.  But budget is tight, so he says ‘No’.

A game gets started.  He wants to play.  Forgot it was Teacher Conference Day?

Not easy, is it, making flesh of two – one?

But it all sounded good when you were 21.


Now you hit-n-miss the family study, share in the ministry when weather is good.

It’s harder and harder to get there on Sunday, and you really don’t prepare well like you should.

Deep down you feel she doesn’t respect you.  This wasn’t the fairy-tale you thought it would be.

Your spirituality has gone out the window.

As you stand there reflecting, are you wishing you were free?


Even still, all light is not dim.  He has you.  You have him.

You’ve adjusted well to the situation.

But, it would have been nice if you’d thought twice and found out who YOU were in the equation.

Before you go outside you consider the weather.

When you consider a mate, take a moment.  Hesitate.

Know that “I Do” means “forever”.


There’s a need for maturity.  Sound counsel, don’t despise.

Highly esteem one another.  Be forgiving.  Compromise.

Yes, do find your girl companion whose beauty is as a dove.

And be devoted to your shepherd boy to whose heart you give your love.

But appreciate these words, though somewhat harsh, please do not scoff.

Good for you if cute makes you whistle…

Just keep in mind, the cute wears off.


A smile of approval

His hand on my head

A guide and a lamp for

each step that I tread


To think with his thoughts

and walk in his ways

A heart of understanding

to fill all my days


Self-reflection to question

that the master be pleased

with all that I’m doing

and all that he sees.


To be his beloved

to carry his name

will be the inspiration

eternal life to claim.



We love you and we honor

your example, with grateful hearts,

for your years of faithful service

and the wisdom you impart.

We pray for God to strengthen you

and support this vow you’ve made. 

For we know it was with gratitude

for the ransom price Christ paid.


May you never doubt the joy you bring

inciting love beyond compare.

May Jehovah repay it back to you

and always keep you in his care.

Route Planning
Dear Servants

Christian Wife

The night before her wedding,

I wondered

How does a bride sleep?

Is her night hot & fitful or

is her rest complete?

Is she flashing through all the memories

that brought her to this day?

Had she lived it a little differently

would it have turned out the same way?

And now the moment fast approaches

when her life will drastically change

No time for last minute fixes

Nothing left to rearrange

With the ‘best’ man yet before her;

her past quickly left behind

In hopes of a new existence -

may it only be joy that she finds

For better or worse, it’s happening

Set to become a Christian wife

No longer living as for herself

At last, someone to share her life.

Someone to ease the burdens,

Someone to keep her warm

Somewhere to find security -

Within his loving arms

To give her solid direction

according to what her God has taught

Someone to encourage her onward

and warn against ways she ought not.

May she be a strong voice beside him

speaking words of wisdom, truth, and love

May theirs be an everlasting bond of union

to the praise of God above.



Sister, you’ve been on my mind

long before this rhyme

and you’ve been in my heart

let me say it from the start

Wish I could hug you

and with it, take your pain away

You stand strong, but not alone

and certainly not always can you hide the strain

Sister, you’ve been in my prayers

I know you’re trying not to be scared

but it’s there.

The unknown – maybe soon even an empty home

and a heart left in pieces

Sister, to pick up and move on

Are you looking for a little peace of mind?

Looking to pay on that borrowed time?

Wishing for just one longer day

A solution to take the hurt away?

I don’t know what to do for you

but Sister, you know I feel it too.

Something in your world ain’t right

and that’s why I’m going to pray tonight.

Tonight.  For me.  For you.
’Cause that’s what sisters do.