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Feeling It!

Thoughts of Mine  by


Like thunder in a rainstorm,

like lightning, like being born,

like the chill of the wind, making freezing rain

dangerous and attractive at the same time

these thoughts of mine

of happy and sad times

Like rainbows on a sunny day,

like birds singing after the rain,

like snow melting it all away

and bursts of color, blooming in May,

like afternoon sun

washing blues away

this hope of mine

anticipating better times

Rat Race - Adrienne Ijioma
Out of the Game - Adrienne Ijioma
Don't know what to feel - Adrienne Ijioma
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Stuck Like Gum - Adrienne Ijioma
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Never Saw It Coming - Adrienne Ijioma
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Rage on the Road

I gotta get in

I gotta go

But lady in front of me

Moving to slow.

Using my signal

Blinking: lane change

Then guy in the pickup

start eyeing me strange?

He’s speeding up,

I’ma speed faster

Can’t get behind him

‘cause that guy’s just backwards

Master the road,

Defensive driver

You cut me off

And then blew out a tire.

Tryin’ not to laugh

As I’m driving on

But I’m still ticked off

As I arrive home.

Next day at work,

He sees my car

Man, didn’t know he would

Take it this far.

Slammed in the back.

Spun me around.

My mouth wide open

As I hit the ground.

All I can think

As cop car lights flash:

When I get out the hospital

I’ll whoop that asp!

Ask me what happened?

Thank God, I’m alive!

I’m not at fault here.

He just can’t drive.

People too slow,

Move out of my way!

I’ve got something important

To get to today!

Yeah, I know the limit

That’s not about me

Don’t you get I

Got somewhere to be?

Now, another red light!

I’ll blow my gasket

Yeah, I’ll slow it down

When I’m in my casket.

I gotta get in

I gotta go

But soccer mom in front of me

Driving too slow!


When There He Lies

Time moves too fast

in the good times

between sunshine and fun

You don’t know to keep records

of the smiles, the laughter;

how the wind felt on

your face, driving with the top down

on a Saturday a!ernoon.

Signs all read: No storms ahead.

It’s not easy when she cries…

Game shows are hardest -

Spinning wheels, turning letters,

solving puzzles in unison,

Realizing how in sync you were

in that and other areas

that seemed so trivial then

but too late - they mean everything now:

these old, tear-stained memories

crashing in on you like tsunami waves;

It’s not easy when he dies.



Scarlet night,

silver moon

Raindrops ending soon

Cold air filters in

Through the cracks

against my skin

No sleep, no desire

In my heart an endless fire

Daylight brings pain

wanting to stay

Cannot make it go away

In the past music brought relief

Now if fights me, brings me grief

There was a time my heart had room.

Different me. 

Same old moon.

Losing It!



Solar circle lights the sky
Warms the earth below
Soft caress straight to the core
Basking in its thermal glow.
Old woman in coat and scarf
Black girl with microbraids
Woman's eyes
Stressed woman
Woman dancing shakes off dust

A Woman Is...


She is

that bright array of sun-kissed color out in a field of green,

orange and red and purple hues growing for no reason at all.


She is

that first breeze from the a/c cooling your neck and making you catch your breath, gulping it in on the hottest of summer days


She is

that sound of sizzle - fresh on the grill, sending up smoke

and wafting out that tantalizing scent that makes everyone stop, look and wonder: Who? Where?


She is

the answer to the equation you worked out all night long,

only to see the obvious answer right in front of your eyes


She is

an ocean – deep, vast, all-embracing, unrelenting,

inspiring, refreshing, filled with sustenance and life


She is

fierce, awesome, rousing, brilliant, glowing, necessary

yet, demeaned,

disrespected, belittled, downtrodden,

rejected, unappreciated, taken for granted, underestimated,

ignored, overlooked, insulted, injured
aggravated, assaulted

a storm – brooding, tumultuous, unpredictable

like rain – lulling, calming, soothing


She is

desperate, self-assured, afraid and fearless

scattered and focused, certain and doubtful


She is

strong like a tree against the wind

bending but not broken

because she knows

she is real.




Like summer cockroaches

they come out hot & defiant -

scattering swiftly in all directions.

Breaking free

from decency

like snakes shedding skin.

Their clothes wear thin

displaying the lack of decorum within.

What some women have lied for,

some – beaten - have cried for

Yet more and more have died for it –

what you are simply giving for free.

With unchecked tongues they call you ‘hoes’

With heaving breasts all exposed

Midriff bulge, thick with thighs

to the extreme, burning our eyes.

Don’t give it up for free

It’s not about the poo

I’m just speaking Dignity

I’m simply talking to you.

What we see is not what you think

No one ever taught you value?

So you can’t see what’s true.

Like roaches in the night;

You get blinded in the light

Thinking the sound you hear is applause.

That’s not what you got climbing the walls

Predators, like centipedes, also hitting the streets

Tens upon thousands on the prowl;

You’re the prey they will eat.

With no apologies to hear,

say they’re just trying to survive;

it’s hard enough out here for us all

without you trying to glamorize

the sleazy, the skeezy, the greasy and the easy.

Come back to thee, sweet Dignity.

smh, smh

What's next?

Stay tuned!!!

I Am Not My Circumstances

I am not my circumstances.
You can’t define me by my skin.
You cannot judge me by my income
or the zip code I live in.
If I’ve had no education or
have many letters after my name,
it does not mean you can deem me ignorant
or guarantee that I’ll reach great fame.

Don’t assume my husband’s my boyfriend
just because you can’t commit.
And don’t ask ‘if the daddy’s still in the picture.’
My kids are not illegitimate.
When you brag on your last vacation,
don’t apologize like I’ve never been.
You can’t begin to know my travels
or the countries that I’ve lived in.

You don’t see my designer clothing?
I don’t need to advertise what I wear.
And if my kids don’t have an Xmas,
does that mean that I don’t care?
You make presumptions not based on fact.
Your calculations are severely flawed.
You laugh at me for not chasing dollars?
I’m the one who stands appalled!

You can’t define me by my circumstances
because you don’t know what they are.
You cannot determine by my high school
if I won’t succeed or if I’ll go far.
You try to say because I’m female
that I am lesser or I don’t count.
Don’t presume you have me sized up
or try to guess what I’m about.

I’ve walked through palaces and gardens
of princes, kings and queens well-known.
I’ve traveled railways back through history
and walked down paths my ancestors roamed.
I’ve climbed mountains and roved castles
and have seen views from the top of the world
Compared to me you’re but a newborn
you know nothing of this girl.

I am not my circumstances
Don’t pretend you’ve browsed this book.
I have stories on pages and chapters
that you likely fear to look.
I’ve been poor and I’ve had plenty
I’ve dined with judges of federal court.
I’ve studied cultures, customs and languages
and given hundreds the full report.

My circumstances don’t define me.
Don’t pity me when my pocket’s not fat.
I’ve got a glory set before me
that is so much richer than that.
Don’t feel sorry when you see me
because my Nissan is not brand new.
This is not even my sixth car.
Truth be told, I’ve had a few.

But I don’t need things, rings or gadgets,
just identify me by name.
I’m well aware of how I’m living
and I for sure know from where I came.
Who you see rising up before you
is doing it on purpose, not leaving life to chance.
Rest assured I’m living life victorious -
without the pomp or circumstance.

Entry #5, RealisticPoetry, June 16, 2018


Love is many colors.

We exist in this box,

contained by the thoughts of others

scared 2 think outside,

come in2 the light, not hide &

c Love isn't hindered by color.

We're all mixed the same within

but some1 lied & said it was sin

& after all this time, we still deny. Just color.

We walk the planks, still not convinced that all that separates us is skin.

Too wrapped up in the label,

Identifying what’s paper thin.

Fools because we are what we have always been.