You Can't Complete Me!

It was a great movie line and admittedly brought me to tears as well. In actuality though, I find fault with the idea.

In the case of Jerry McGuire, it was a guy (Tom Cruise) doing the talking, but all too often women believe they NEED a man to be complete. But if a person is not whole on their own strength, they have nothing lasting to offer in a relationship.

Two people need to be fulfilled and satisfied with who they are individually, but find that the other person adds something or accentuates their life bringing something new, teaching them something and making life experiences better... but they can never be the entire focus of a person's life so that the person is not complete without them. That is two broken people trying to make one whole person and both will still be lacking something in themselves that they will ultimately still be searching for even beyond the relationship.

Weren't the 80s talk shows filled with people not feeling fulfilled in life, who went out in pursuit of careers, extremes, other relationships, etcetera because they were 'missing' something. Today, the social world is on a quest to be seen, to be heard, to be popular, to be considered a trend setter, an insider, an influencer. Why? Because these accolades makes a person feel good inside; because living a quiet, anonymous life isn't exciting; because being humble and content doesn't get you LIKES on Facebook.

When I turned on my computer at work this morning, Google was honoring Mister Rogers. The moment I heard that music and saw the train, I felt tears well up. What a great time in life to have experienced Mister Rogers' Neighborhood! He was a champion of teaching children self-esteem, unity, equality and kindness toward others.

Inner qualities, thoughts and actions that come from inside you: goodness, mildness, honesty, love, kindness, self-control, joy, patience are not put in the spotlight of importance, but these are some of the things that bring a person inner contentment and completeness. Do not let external things define who you are! I cannot complete you. You cannot complete me. We cannot find fulfillment in external things. I must - you must - we must evaluate ourselves, acknowledge and address our issues, work hard on what we can and leave the rest to God.

Just food for thought. Have a great weekend! Be all about caring for yourself this weekend! Take care of your body, your heart, your spirit and your mental health.

Until next time. Ciao!

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