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coun-te-nance - /ˈkount(ə)nəns/ - noun 1. a person's face or facial expression.They say 'the eyes never lie.' If that be the case, the face should tell the whole story! The face is an open book to our feelings as it gives an indication of mood, emotion, or character. Often, despite our attempts to hide our feelings, our smile, eyes, even condition of our skin reveal our true emotions. Countenance is the fourth installation of spoken word poetry from Adrienne Ijioma. This set of poems is an approach to more metered, traditional poetry while maintaining her typical flair for frank, outspokenness in free style. The theme of Countenance is facial expressions that are conjured up in the mind when one is going through turmoils in life: painful relationships, depression, disappointments, hardships, injustices and more. As always, Ms. Ijioma's goal is to lead her readers on a journey that comes out on the positive side, finding strength from within after having successfully endured & overcome the tribulations. Various moods through spoken word poetry. Happy reading!Other poetic works by Adrienne Ijioma: - Cuts on Me- Poems on Twitter- A Cafe RendezvousAdrienne Ijioma writes fiction under the pseudonym, Jess Vaughn. Stay tuned for new releases in 2020! Follow Jess Vaughn Writes and Jess Vaughn Jewels on FB, YT and IG.

COUNTENANCE- Mood through spoken word poems

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