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A petry collection by Adrienne Ijioma. This beautiful burst of enlightenment & empowerment awakens the reader to the psychological, emotional, mental & physical battles many experience while traveling the rugged road of life. Using poetry as a poignant testimony to declare that even from the darkest of days, we can bloom into something virtuously beautiful.


The title poem, Cuts On Me, was a revelation that came in February this year, 2018, after a replay of The Women's Conference in Philadelphia, and listening to executive producer Shonda Rhimes interview Michelle Obama. The conversation led to a deep self-evaluation, revealing how current habits and attitudes were directly tied to emotional cuts from the past. Through feedback from readers, this writer has discovered that these circumstances are not unique to just her. In fact, to encounter a woman in today's society that has not been sexually assaulted, harassed or molested in childhood is more the anomaly.

No need to rush through this. Take your time to chew on and digest these 40 dramatic, poetic narratives chronicling the journey of Detroit-born African-American author, Adrienne Ijioma, through the confusion of being trespassed upon and sexually harassed through puberty, nearly molested in the neighborhood, date raped in social circles and stalked at the workplace; then to processing the heartwrenching emotions of understanding the toll further taken on her life by losing her father - who was murdered in her youth - to later watching the one she loved die, and accepting life after loss. These spoken word poems are delivered in an evocative array of rhythmic, lyrical verse and straightforward honesty.

Cuts on Me

SKU: 198292179X (ISBN13: 9781982921798)
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