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A little about myself...

This inspired creative writer, poet, blogger, self-published author, aspiring novelist, enduring mate and hard-working, savagely protective mom is continuously working on short stories, chapbooks, greeting cards, novels, children's stories and a boatload of other innovative ideas waiting to be introduced.

I wrote my first winning poem in third grade, Bored to Death.  The inspiration came as I was walking to school one morning and remembered a writing assignment was due that day and I had nothing.  Looking over at a billboard on the side of a candy store, I saw the question: Bored to Death? And I made up a poem on the way about a girl who died in class because she was bored to death.  I thought it was stupid and tossed it in the trash.  My teacher, Ms. Phillips, pulled it out, entered me into a writing contest and I won!  A third grader against students up to high school levels!  Very cool!  I cannot remember when I did not love to write or did not use this creative outlet to survive all the emotions of adolescence and adult drama.

So, yes, I knew from grade school that writing was something I was good at. Reading a book a day throughout high school helped develop my differing styles and interests, as well as build my vocabulary.  I learned a lot of words! I sold my first idea to Hallmark Cards when I was only sixteen.  They showed interest in me writing as a staff member but the idea fizzled after revealing my age! 


While it was only more recently that I began to study the various types of poetry, that form of creative expression has been my greatest passion for a good forty years. I also have a keen interest in storytelling and playwriting.


I cannot define myself into a particular category.  I prefer free expression, allowing the verse to develop at will without confining by rhyme, meter or haiku. I like to experiment with various styles and techniques finding new, creative ways to come up with something fresh and original.

I appreciate your visit and your interest in my literary journey.  Feel free to share your comments by clicking the link below, and don't forget to check out more offerings on the BOOKS & REVIEWS tab.  Thanks!


A Symphony in Black - full ensemble of dramatic readers poetry recital, (Detroit 1988 John J Pershing HS Library)

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder - contribution, anthology, From Eulogy to Joy (Capital 2000)

"Mirror, How Far Down?, Rat Race" - Selected poems, ( 2005)

I'm Not Angry, I'm Bitter - poetry / dramatic criticisms, (I-Universe 2006, ISBN: 9780595393060)

Poems on Twitter- poetic inspiration based on poetry prompts posted by Reaslistic Poetry on Twitter (Amazon/Kindle, May 2018)

Cuts on Me - poetic compilation inspired in part by excerpts of Michelle Obama's con-versations at the Philadelphia Conference for Women, 2017 (Amazon/Kindle, May 2018)

52 Positive Thoughts - a workbook for self-analysis and social betterment (Amazon/Kindle, May 2018)

A Café Rendezvous A spoken word poetry collection exploring the emotions of a developing relationship, told from both the guy's perspective as well as the girl's. It is romantic, full of feeling while remaining lighthearted and fun!  (Amazon/Kindle, March 2019)

Countenance - The theme of Countenance is facial expressions that are conjured up in the mind when one is going through turmoils in life: painful relationships, depression, disappointments, hardships, injustices and more.