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Behind the Words

Works in Progress

APARTMENT 517 - Tragic tale of toddler, Cecily Hill, discovered in an abandoned apartment high rise amid a mysterious death, political coverups and social disparities (Kindle Vella, Jess K. Vaughn)

BACK TO THE LAND OF THE STINKY FEET - A mysterious blue car rolls into town, sending the citizens of Stinkafitte dashing to get a peek; but resident know-it-all Smelly Shelly gets an adventure she'll never forget when she determines to get more than a quick glimpse. (Kindle Vella, Jess K. Vaughn)

MR. BAXTER'S ASHES - Cora, the wife of heart attack victim, Harold Baxter, can't quite accept his tragic situation as par to her upcoming yard sale. (Kindle Vella, Jess K. Vaughn)

POETRY NIGHT - Poetry breaks the mundane routine and  personal drama sprinkled through the life of corporate admin, Rema Williams, until a desperate getaway to Italy changes everything. (Kindle Vella, Jess K. Vaughn)

ISABELLA SMILES - Baby elephant, Isabella, feels abandoned and alone until she befriends, Natalie, a tiny gnatcatcher, also missing her family. But will there friendship be short-lived? (Kindle Vella, Jess K. Vaughn)

LATE EXPECTATIONS - Everyone may think Rema Biondi is a tragedy waiting to happen, but the girl can cook! Her unexpected intelligence and talent will set her on a path to break generational curses and forge  (Kindle Vella, Jess K. Vaughn)

52 Positive Thoughts - a workbook for self-analysis and social betterment (Kindle Vella, Jess K. Vaughn)

Completed Works

A Symphony in Black - full ensemble of dramatic readers poetry recital, (Detroit 1988 John J Pershing HS Library)

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder - contribution, anthology, From Eulogy to Joy (Capital 2000)

"Mirror, How Far Down?, Rat Race" - Selected poems, ( 2005)

I'm Not Angry, I'm Bitter - poetry / dramatic criticisms, (I-Universe 2006, ISBN: 9780595393060)

Poems on Twitter- poetic inspiration based on poetry prompts posted by Reaslistic Poetry on Twitter (Amazon/Kindle, August 2018)

Cuts on Me - poetic compilation inspired in part by excerpts of Michelle Obama's con-versations at the Philadelphia Conference for Women, 2017 (Amazon/Kindle, May 2018)

52 Positive Thoughts - a workbook for self-analysis and social betterment (Amazon/Kindle, May 2018)

A Café Rendezvous - A spoken word poetry collection exploring the emotions of a developing relationship, told from both the guy's perspective as well as the girl's. It is romantic, full of feeling while remaining lighthearted and fun!  (Amazon/Kindle, March 2019)

Countenance - The theme of Countenance is facial expressions that are conjured up in the mind when one is going through turmoils in life: painful relationships, depression, disappointments, hardships, injustices and more.


As Is the Sky - A spoken word poetry collection honoring the late matriarch of the family, Jean Allen, in a semi-biographical exploration of her experiences from hand-written notes, being born and raised in the post-slavery South. 

This inspired creative writer, poet, blogger, self-published author, aspiring novelist, enduring mate and hard-working, savagely protective mom is continuously working on short stories, chapbooks, greeting cards, novels, children's stories and a boatload of other innovative ideas waiting to be introduced.

I wrote my first winning poem in third grade, Bored to Death.  The inspiration came as I was walking to school one morning and remembered a writing assignment was due that day and I had nothing.  Looking over at a billboard on the side of a candy store, I saw the question: Bored to Death? And I made up a poem on the way about a girl who died in class because she was bored to death.  I thought it was stupid and tossed it in the trash.  My teacher, Ms. Phillips, pulled it out, entered me into a writing contest and I won!  A third grader against students up to high school levels!  Very cool!  I cannot remember when I did not love to write or did not use this creative outlet to survive all the emotions of adolescence and adult drama.

So, yes, I knew from grade school that writing was something I was good at. Reading a book a day throughout high school helped develop my differing styles and interests, as well as build my vocabulary.  I learned a lot of words! I sold my first idea to Hallmark Cards when I was only sixteen.  They showed interest in me writing as a staff member but the idea fizzled after revealing my age! 


While it was only more recently that I began to study the various types of poetry, that form of creative expression has been my greatest passion for a good forty years. I also have a keen interest in storytelling and playwriting.


I cannot define myself into a particular category.  I prefer free expression, allowing the verse to develop at will without confining by rhyme, meter or haiku. I like to experiment with various styles and techniques finding new, creative ways to come up with something fresh and original.

I appreciate your visit and your interest in my literary journey

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