Coffee Lipstick Go!

Wake up and smile!

We've talked before about pursuing your passion, finding that 'thing' that you do best and making that more than just a side hustle but a truly fulfilling career. Speaking personally, my goal (notice I didn't say 'dream' ) is to wake each morning with a smile on my face with the knowledge that I am waking up to write! Whether children's books, short stories, greeting cards, poetry or business writing for profit, this thing about putting fingertips to keyboard is something fantastic to me.

The inspiration that I have received as of late has been phenomenal. In the midst of writing a story or joining a webinar on storytelling, I see lightbulbs going on all over the place and I stop mid-sentence to jot down another plot or story idea. I love that! It is my aim to make this year one that promotes positive change for myself, my family and all those around me that I can influence and/or assist.

One aspect of my current self that I want to improve is my personal style. If you're like me, you have those days when you function on auto-pilot and you don't give proper attention to the details. Here I sit at my computer right now, after having a hectic morning of taking the family out early for a dental appointment, having car problems, putting it in the shop, getting a rental car and leaving the family car for my husband to also get to work and handle dropping the kids off at school while I do my hour+ commute to the office.

When I left the house this morning, I was satisfied with my A-line black skirt, turquoise & black print blouse and a cosy, new black sweater that just makes me feel so stylish! Then, I dropped a pen on the carpet. Reaching down to get it, I noticed a big, crusty stain on the side of my sweater. It was large enough that it might as well be a neon sign of an arrow pointing right at my side! How? When? Where? I have no idea what it is and where it came from. I rack my brain trying to think if I rubbed up against something at the auto shop, at the rental shop, in the parking lot at work...

I wondered if my friend Naomi ever had this problem, and how she handled it. Yes, some things are easy to quickly scrub off. But I have seen people with mortifying stains like pasta sauce on a white skirt, a drip of oil on a silk blouse and things like that. I thought of Naomi because I just recently learned of her pursuit of her dream job as a personal stylist. I had no idea she did that on the side and was now aiming to make that her 'wake up and smile' career.

She has a website (and FB, Pinterest, Wordpress blog and Instagram address) called Coffee Lipstick Go that shows people like me how to polish up their look and create cutting edge style with items already in their closet. The first day that I viewed her site inspired me to reexamine clothes that I had been prepared to toss or donate. Suddenly, I felt more confidence when I stepped out in separate pieces that I had never considered pairing together. And like with my new (currently stained) black sweater, just adding a few integral items to your wardrobe can change everything.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling dowdy, old and unsure. Today, even with this bold stain on my side, I believe in my look of the day! I won't walk down the hall with my head down, rushing to the bathroom to scrub my sweater before anyone notices. I'll take my time... and maybe stop and chat with a few people along the way. And should anyone ask what's that crusty blob on my sweater, I won't even care. Because this morning, despite all the stresses that I encountered on the way, I woke up with a smile. I know where I am going in my life. I know where I am directing my arrows - a little above the target, so that I might hit the target - and I am feeling more confident than I have felt in a long time. In fact, I DID grab a coffee this morning. I put on my lipstick at a stoplight using the rearview mirror and then the light turned green, so... Well, you get it.

What is your passion? What changes are you thinking of making to improve your life? your family's life? the world around you? How will you work to build up your confidence so that you will believe that you are worth the effort? Your dreams may be simple like mine, not selfish like the world wants you to pursue, but simple is good too. What I realize is that I am feeling satisfied with life because I am keeping my hopes and goals simple, implementing changes that will not take a lifetime to attain.

Be realistic. Be confident. And, don't set your alarm to snooze. Wake up with a smile! Grab your coffee, lipstick and Go!!

Meet me back here next time and tell me what you did today to make your light shine! Whatever your plans today, make it a great one!


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