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Hey peeps! Yes, I'm still writing. The pitch at which (see still rhyming subconsciously even) I am formulating new ideas is incredible. Every day that I work on a manuscript, a book cover, some new material, etc., more ideas pop into my head and I have to jot down little notes to follow later.

What are you working on? Even if you spend as little as fifteen minutes a day planning out your goals, filling in activities on your September calendar, or meditating on what you would like to accomplish, it is a step in the right direction. Yesterday, I opened my monthly planner and wrote down my goals for weekend volunteer service. I would like to spend at least 30 hours doing volunteer work this month. How can I fit it in between working full-time, supporting my husband's new business efforts, raising two elementary school-age children and dealing with a host of health issues? Planning. When you don't write things down, it becomes very easy to procrastinate or simply make excuses why something cannot be done. But when you put it down on paper in front of you and set realistic goals, the end results are actually more attainable.

Who knew at the beginning of the year that by September 1st I would have built this new website, composed and published two books of poetry and be in the midst of writing five other books: a corporate crime novel, a children's adventure story, a young reader picture book, an urban fiction novel and a multi-cultural romance. Besides these, I have notes written for at least three other books and have already designed the covers on two of them. Once I've taken real steps to bring an idea to life, it becomes easier to follow through with it. If I just sit back and dream about what I want to accomplish, how can I get closer to the goal?

Baby steps are better than no steps. Any effort is better than a thousand intentions. Really. Now everyone might not be as compulsive as I am, true, but whatever your interest, be focused and work at it on purpose not by chance.

This pace that I am going may be OCD or some other kind of disorder, I don't know. But I am on fire with writing in a way that I have never been. Just look at what's happening on my computer right now. I have twelve tabs open. I started with ordering my kids some necessities online. Then, I wanted to get busy writing, so I opened up my Reedsy account to work on a manuscript. But on Thursday, I started an Indiegogo project to promote my first book, Cuts on Me, so I had to check in on that. (No donations yet, but it's early still) Next, I began an application for a fellowship grant from the state of North Carolina. It just opened up today and I did not want to miss it like I did yesterday with Sustainable Arts. So bummed because that organization gifts working parents who are also writers, artists, composers, etc., and need a financial boost in order to give focus to their talent without creating financial burden. I started the application but got both interrupted and distracted by family responsibilities and the next thing I knew, the 5pm deadline had passed. I just stared blankly at my monitor, hoping I'd mistaken the time. But no. I missed it this year. Ugh. Still, I took action though. I put forth effort.

So moving on, I checked on my Kindle books and paperbacks on Amazon. I have begun not to like the cover for Cuts on Me and feel that I can do a better design... which took me to my next tab, Adobe Spark. I discovered this site a few weeks ago and found I could design my own book covers (and all the social media covers and banners) with relative ease on their site. It is amazing! Now, all of my book covers are being created with Adobe Spark. My Indiegogo project will allow me to upgrade my account for a higher level of support and more creative options.

From there, I went to my AllAuthor account in another new tab, and I popped in a photo of the Poems on Twitter cover. On their site, they had a new feature to make a video of all the authors current books with a bold question meant to engage the audience. Some examples are: Which of my book covers do you like the most? Who is your favorite lead character from my novels? and similar questions. In order to get some of those banners, I need to upgrade my account as well. So, I am keeping the free account for now, but if the Indiegogo does well, I may upgrade. All of these writer sites assist with getting an author established in the writing community and helps them improve on their work through critiques, beta reading, etc., in the community groups. Being an independent author is not for the faint of heart. As I always say, if you don't believe in yourself, how can you convince others to do the same?

And finally we move to my website, created on Wix, and here I am writing this blog as well as adding pics of my new book(s) to the RELEASES page. I want to simplify my landing page, but not sure how yet. I fear having too many pages and activity on my site but for only having it about 5 - 7 months, I am proud of my 1091 visitors!

My future goal - once all the books-in-progress have been written and published - is to have this site and blog as my main avenue to stay in touch with my readers, my tribe! I may eventually shut down my Facebook page and direct friends and fans to this blog, and just maintain my IG and Twitter. But don't know yet. For now, I am keeping busy, taking steps and looking to advance my writing career into a fulltime endeavor not just a part time side hustle.

I happen to think I would be pretty good at this writing thing. What do you think?

Oh my, it's after midnight, again...

Ciao for now,

Jess Vaughn Writes

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