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It's Going Down!

They say you shouldn't wait until circumstances are perfect before you start something. Your opportunity may pass by while you're sitting back waiting on things to align. Nothing will ever be perfect. Sometimes, the right time never comes. But, if you have an idea and well laid out plans, there are those times when you might have to close your eyes second, breathe deeply, say a little prayer and take action!

So, that being the case, I launched my new website in the midst of updates, page building, product loading, site linking, etc. It was full of chaos, bloodshed (not really) and mistakes, but I have worked it out as I have gone along. I think it feels more authentic to see me in the midst of the revamp trying to feel my way through rather than drop a professionally designed site that may not be authentically my personality.

Besides, I believe the constant publishing updates can only help my Google ranking, not hurt it. I see it coming together nicely before my eyes and I am improving in my design skills. What I look forward to the most is completing the new shop and having the shoppers come in and like what they see. I have been thinking a long time on this and I am utterly overjoyed at the end results!

I hope you will be too!

p.s. Be sure to check out my About Me page where you'll get all the backdrop on my creative works! All paperback or hardcover book copies purchased through this site will be signed by me and will come with a free gift of appreciation.

Thanks so much for your kind support. JV/AI

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