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Jess Vaughn Writes

Constantly learning

forever changing.

Always endeavoring

Working to always give my best and
to leave your day a little brighter than before you came.

If through my words, poems, books, merchandise, podcast, posts and events, I can bestow upon you some uplift, some inspiration, some motivation, some encouragement, some warmth, some empathy, some appreciation, some courage, some empowerment or some conviction and / or faith, do you know that you are the one who has gifted me to journey further in my purpose? And for that, I am eternally grateful. ~JV

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.' – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Christmas Lights on Trees

The Poetry Lab

Writing off the cuff by inspiration...

Develop Your Skills, Follow Your Passion

You ain't right if you don't write and bring to life thoughts in the night.

It ain't cool to ignore the rules or neglect the tools that you learned in school.




Broken, Heart (an excerpt)

Heart, you've been through some things that may have had you off your game for a while.

And you may have second-guessed yourself - fully accepting when they called you

treacherous - because truth be told, you're a realist;

and from the burns you suffered, having been deceived a time or two,

nobody's gonna knock you for being jaded.

But, hear me clearly when I say this: You are not broken, Heart.

You have been fired & refined and waxed poetically until you've shined.

You have been opened up and filled with so much love until it spilled.

Yes, your emotions have overflowed, but you've radiated joy until you've glowed.

You are not broken, Heart.

No, not you.

~ c.9/17/23 Adrienne Ijioma

Wedding Day

Imagine standing in your joy,

radiant smile, eyes open wide

when girl meets boy

and sparks fly

with purest intention,

nothing to hide.

After much prayer and planning,

the day is here;

then all heads turn

as you appear.

Eyes lock and the crowd disappears,

hearts race as distance comes near.

Him with tears in his eyes,

and you with butterflies;

two words exchanged

and not a single dry eye.

This Is How I See You (tbc)

You are a bouquet

of fresh cut roses

on elegant display,

in a vase -

ornate and crystal clear -

blush with orchids and

calla lilies wrapped in

a coat of green fern

and status.

This is how I see you.

Coral Roses Bouquet_edited.png



slither out

and fall down

licking around in dark,

dusty corners of your heart

where love once abided but now

only echoes reside.


sounds that

rattle like serpents.

These sweet nothings 

once smooth pillow talk

became cold-blooded nothings, empty words,

changed to poison by the venom

that you spit...

Venom, cont'd.

causing fear

and rage and delirium

because, yes, I must be crazy

to keep accepting these strikes.

Toxic stings,

and like Eve desiring forbidden fruit

allowing herself to be seduced,

I misread the signs and thought

"Danger!" was "Safe,"  like you were my antidote -

Recalling those Hershey kisses

on your back shaped like diamonds,

turned out to be markings  copperhead,


yeah this boa constricting my breathing

up and down, back and forth,

had me confused, used and abused

by the dream versus the reality.

Now it's all clear to me.

I was poisoned, squeezed,

knocked to my knees, anaconda think

by this love coursing through my veins,

injected then rejected,

never to be the same. c.2024 JVW

sketch of white snake_edited.png

Thank you for your visit. 

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