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November is National Novel Writing Month 

50k words in 30 days

Your contribution in providing E.S.C.A.P.E. boxes as gifts of compassion is very much appreciated!

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Welcome to my tribe! You are officially a part of the JV Nation Here you can read, review & share portions of original poetry and prose by me and my alter ego, Jess Vaughn. I would be honored to hear your thoughts, so please share in the comments! I look forward to hearing your creative voice.

On occasion, we will be hosting poetry contests, so I hope you brought your creative voice with you. There will be tips on writing, marketing & publishing your works, so keep an eye out for that section or follow my blog to stay up to date.

Whether you are a published author or an aspiring writer, I am committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment for your creative expression. I’ll do my best to give you honest, constructive feedback and support. I hope you will do the same with me.

Feel free to pop in to my podcast and Instagram while you're here. This site is developing, and there will be so much more to see and do.

Finally, one section currently under construction are the Themed Gifts - ESCAPE Boxes.
        This is an endeavor very close to my heart to make a positive effort and impact on mental wellness in local and hopefully, global society - especially among woman and girls. More to come on that as the area of business develops. But, for now, feel free to click on the gift box link above to find out more about it or click on Gifts & Greetings under the BOUTIQUE tab in the menu to check out the page and get on board to support the endeavor. 

Thank you so much for coming in, and let's chat again soon. 

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New Ink...

Digital Book
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Broken, Heart (an excerpt)

Heart, you've been through some things that may have had you off your game for a while.

And you may have second-guessed yourself - fully accepting when they called you

treacherous - because truth be told, you're a realist;

and from the burns you suffered, having been deceived a time or two,

nobody's gonna knock you for being jaded.

But, hear me clearly when I say this: You are not broken, Heart.

You have been fired and refined and waxed poetically until you've shine.

You have been opened up and filled with so much love until it spilled.

Yes, your emotions have overflowed, but you've radiated joy until you've glowed.

You are not broken, Heart.

No, not you.

~ c.9/17/23 Adrienne Ijioma

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