Monday Motivation

What's holding you back from being better, doing more, giving more, giving back, making a change, making a decision, standing up, paving the way, stepping aside, getting ahead, taking a chance, holding on or letting go?

No one needs to tell you a thing. You already figured it out. You know what needs to be done. It's just about you taking that next step. So my #MondayMotivation is Go For It!

Do it for your kids

Do it because you love him / her

Do it because it's the right thing to do

Do it because you care

Do it because you'll never get another chance

Do it because the alternative is worse

Do it to make yourself healthier

Do it to feel better about yourself

Do it for love

Do it for your dignity

Do it for your self-esteem

Do it because young ones are watching

Do it because you're the only role model they have

Do it so that you have no regrets

Do it because it is kind

Do it to help someone else

Do it because someone else helped you

Do it because you have honor

Do it to help the family

Do it to save a life

Do it to preserve innocence

Do it to give life a chance

Do it out of human decency

Do it because when you know better you do better and now you know

Do it as an example for all those who will come after you

Do it to pave the way

Do it to blaze the trail

Do it to leave a legacy

Do it to pay it forward