Jess Vaughn Writes On!

Hey, hey, hey! So excited to announce that the Jess Vaughn Writes website is back up and running after a long hiatus in 2019. What a year it was! But wow, we're back with coronavirus splattered all over the world, crazy storms, earthquakes and just a whole lot of anxiety and turmoil around.

I hope you are doing well in these new days of 'social distancing' and quarantine. As everyone has said, these are indeed unprecedented times...

But let us keep pressing on,okay? Life will go on despite what the stage is looking like right now. The sun rises and sets once more.

Let's shift our attention from the daily news to things that brighten, encourage and uplift. That is what I came for. ;-)

Hope to see you back again too! Don't forget my address: We've spruced up the place and sanitzed very well. You can come over anytime you like! Be sure to linger a bit and check out all the new features like my new logo, merch and jewelry boutique! Let me know what you think.

Chat soon, JV

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