My 10 tips to combat writer's block

  • Have writing sprints. Close your eyes and type. Don't worry about spelling, punctuation or making sense. Just get your mind and fingers in sync and in shape to let the ideas flow.

  • Listen to smooth jazz. It can give you a rhythm to type to and allow creativity to flow. You may just start writing words to those melodies!

  • Get rid of the distractions! You cannot have techno-distractions. Turn off the television, the tablet and the cell phone.

  • Close the front shades and park in the garage. If people know you are home, they will assume you're not busy and desire to suck up your valuable time. Dedicate specific time for writing, even if only for a few minutes, and stick to it.

  • Order pizza or eat a salad. When in the midst of a creative burst, stepping away briefly may allow time to formulate thoughts but too much time can become a distraction and make you lose an idea completely.

  • Don't stress over word count or page numbers. Write what you can write for today and then stop. Let what you write be quality content, not fillers - written to meet a count - that add no depth to the work.

  • Drink plenty of water. Sitting for a long time without food or drink is unhealthy and can cause blood clots. Take regular potty breaks!

  • Bounce your idea off a trusted friend. A fresh point of view may sometimes be just the stimulus you need to move your story along.

  • Let the housework go for a while. Like caring for a newborn baby, sometimes you just have to not sweat the small stuff and let some things go. Give your 'baby' the love and attention it needs to thrive!

  • Get up and dance! Sometimes, you just need to shake it off!

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