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Creativity Unleashed

January, 2023, and you know me, always got some creative idea going! I enter the year with prayer, hope and expectation of achieving goals while helping others. That is my pattern of life.

Today, I've been keeping the instrumental version of Best Part on replay while looking at poetry prompts by @CoraLynn.poetry and came up with this spoken word piece using all of her January prompts...


Trapped in your imagination

at the mercy of your pen

with no guess or certainty

how my life story will end.

Caught between melodies and moonbeams,

I swim amidst the stars

Though I can imagine I belong to me

really, everything I am is yours.

However you dream me up,

I bask in the afterglow

of notes and ideas

well chosen, brought to life

in creative flow.

Like faded thoughts and plans,

were I one left behind...

Like framed memories in dust,

like lost ripples in time;

Were I like discarded dreams

hoping to purge the bad taste of goodbye,

then I would wait in the diluted stillness

for any ribbons of light.

I would recall your initial intentions

to write your characters to life,

to exhale the gloomy scented winter,

and unblock the desire to write.

If you locked me in uninspired darkness

I would accept the loveless light

for I know you would never leave me

as unspoken words frozen in ice.

Instead, you let me live on paper

the place of dreams where hope grows,

like summertime childhood memories,

I'm a jar of fireflies that is shaken and glows

Secure with my place in your dreams,

indeed, with no nocturnal regrets.

In any case, I'll not succumb to sorrow

or let inquisitiveness cause me fret.

You, my dear, are a poet,

an author, a writer & friend

I breathe & exist at your bidding,

where your pen hits the page, I begin.

~ A.I.

c.1/5/23 2:05pm

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